Food Hall Montownia at Inside Seaside

For the first time in Poland, we will create a foodhall especially for the festival. Together with Foodhall Montownia, we invite you to 12 stands

Inside Seaside by train

Come to our festival by public transport – together with SKM Trójmiasto we are launching additional trains for the festival!

Inside Seaside: Full Program

You ask for a detailed program of concerts, side events and other festival activities. Here is the hourly schedule of all festival events! Below is

Inside Seaside cooperate with ERGO Hestia

ERGO Hestia is the title sponsor of Theatre Stage. Inside Seaside will feature the exhibition Asymmetry by Artystyczna Podróż Hestii. ERGO Hestia also invites you to a discussion with one of the winners of Literacka Podróż Hestii.

Cinema on the Inside Seaside

Inside Seaside announces a film programme, curated by Radio 357’s Katarzyna Borowiecka, with the Octopus Film Festival showing four music films in the Montownia spaces

Inside Seaside collaborates with Montownia

One of the festival’s three main halls will be filled by the Montownia FoodHall offering, and Montownia Lofts & Experience has prepared special accommodation packages for

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