Daði Freyr closes the Inside Seaside music program

Icelandic pop sensation Daði Freyr closes the Inside Seaside program. Until the end of August, Regular Tickets are available.

Even without knowing Daði Freyr, it’s hard not to be familiar with the artist’s work—his song ‘Think About Things’ has gone viral, having been streamed over 100 million times worldwide and reaching almost 1 billion people via international radio stations. He represented Iceland at Eurovision in 2021 and released his debut album, ‘I’m Making An Album’ a year ago, combining indie pop, colorful synths, and pulsating beats.

He is known for his unconventional ideas—the track ’10 Years’, recorded three years ago, begins with strings set to synths, funky bass, and colorful percussion. It is the result of a collaboration with a choir of 1,000 fans from all over the world who responded to the artist’s call.

Never before has a band come up with such a clever or inclusive idea or used technology ingeniously to attract listeners of all ages.

Daði Freyr closes the Inside Seaside musical program, which also featured IDLESBlack PumasThe Last Dinner PartyRY XHania RaniWarhausSPRINTSKerala DustKevin MorbyChristian Lee HutsonArtur RojekDaria from SilesiaSkubasVito BambinoKasia LinsNene HeroineKlawoRusted TeethJADLorSad SmilesUSO 9001 and Homosapiens.

The second edition of Inside Seaside will take place on 9-10 November at the AmberExpo halls in Gdańsk, where you can attend concerts and numerous accompanying events. 

One-day tickets are on sale at prices: 

  • 299 PLN / 249 PLN* Regular Tickets – until 31 August
  • 349 PLN / 299 PLN* Final Call Tickets – from 1 September until the festival


  • 449 PLN / 399 PLN * Regular Tickets – up to 31 August
  • 499 PLN / 449 PLN * Final Call Tickets – from 1 September to the festival

* Tickets for Patrons of Radio 357

Purchase tickets: https://www.eventim.pl/eventseries/inside-seaside-festival-2024-3527225/

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