About the festival

The festival market consists of well-established, significant music events with traditions on the one hand, but also newer ones for younger audiences – all of which take place during the summer season. In autumn, Poland has no significant indoor events with a varied music program like Europe’s Iceland Airwaves, Sonar, Meltdown, Le Guess Who? or Pitchfork Festival Paris. This festival niche will be filled – and launched – by Inside Seaside.

It will be a two-day celebration of music featuring foreign and Polish artists. Thanks to the enclosed space under the roof, there will be no need to worry about weather conditions. The AmberExpo hall can accommodate as many as 15,000 people. It is the ideal place to spend time with friends. This is what the first edition of Inside Seaside in Gdańsk promises to be like.

The festival will take place in the specially adapted for the occasion halls of AmberExpo, where, for two days, the top of the Polish and world electronic, rock, and jazz scene will perform in comfortable conditions on three stages. But that’s not all: festival participants will be able to make themselves comfortable in the cinema of Radio 357, to which Katarzyna Borowiecka will invite them; silent disco sets will be played by female and male journalists from Radio 357, and there will be meetings and discussions, a food court and a relaxation area, as well as themed zones. Inside Seaside is an indoor festival like no other in Poland – we encourage you to spend the weekend in a space buzzing with music and non-musical attractions.

Inside Seaside is organized by Agencja Live, with many years of experience in producing significant cultural events such as Żywiec Męskie Granie, but also T-Mobile Electronic Beats, Sea You Music Showcase, Mata Tour, SBM Festival, Fryderyki, Zalewski MTV Unplugged or Wodecki Twist.

The festival is co-created by the team of Radio 357, the most popular internet radio in Poland, funded by the listeners. We encourage you to listen to broadcasts devoted to Inside Seaside, participate in competitions, and, above all, meet the journalists who will conduct interviews with artists, music, film, and culinary programs, as well as a silent disco during the festival.

The City of Gdańsk can accommodate many cultures, traditions, and histories and combine them into a new quality. Here in the City of Freedom, an extraordinary art scene has flourished for years at the crossroads of European routes. It is a modern and open metropolis with exceptional potential, with world-class music in its DNA.

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