Young jazz, pulsating beats, atmospheric song sand a Tricity legend added Inside Seaside

Warhaus added to Inside Seaside. The festival will also feature representation from Gdansk: Klawo, Nene Heroine, and a special concert by the band Homosapiens.

It has been half a decade since Warhaus, the brainchild of Maarten Devoldere, won the hearts of listeners with the albums ‘We Fucked a Flame into Being’ and ‘Warhaus’. In 2022, his third album ‘Ha Ha Heartbreak’ was released, composed alone in a hotel room with a microphone and a guitar. The album is a confrontation with loss and all its stages – the artist decided to escape to Sicily, resulting in a poignant musical story. It sounds imposing on the album, primarily in the exceptional concerts. The Belgian band’s announcement closes the festival’s main stage program.

Nene Heroine’s work is a concoction of analog sounds, dub, post-rock, improvisation, and communicative and emotional melodies. After the very well-received debut album ‘Total Panorama’, the band presented a new release entitled ‘MOVA’, featuring a guest appearance by Kasia Lins. The band’s musicians prefer to keep the same and treat jazz solely as a starting point for creating complex musical compositions.

Drawing on the eclecticism of the 1970s, Klawo bravely mixes old-school with contemporary post-Dill jazz, indie, and electronica. Today, the band is considered one of the most promising young groups on the Polish jazz scene. Their eclectic debut in 2002 and their energetic live performances have earned them a place in the programs of the most important Polish and European festivals. At Inside Seaside, they will present songs from their second album, scheduled for release in the second half of 2024.

Homosapiens is one of the essential Tricity guitar bands, having released two well-received albums at the turn of the 20th century: “The Wheel”, honored with the “Best Debut of the Year” award by Only Rock magazine, and “Big Frank”. Founded by Grzegorz Guziński, Pat Stawiński, and Jacek Kulesza, the group has always attracted attention for combining psychedelic rock, funk, and country. They have been defunct for over a decade, but the group’s output was recalled by the track ‘I Am’ published a year ago. 2024 is the time for new news – there will be no reactivation of Homosapiens because Button is not among us, but there is an oeuvre we want to remember – at the Inside Seaside festival in November 2024 with special guests.

Previously announced artists for the second edition of Inside Seaside are IDLES, Black Pumas, The Last Dinner Party, RY X, Hania Rani, SPRINTS, Kerala Dust, Kevin Morby, Christian Lee Hutson, Artur Rojek, Daria ze Śląska, Skubas, Vito Bambino, Kasia Lins, Rusted Teeth, JAD, Lor, Sad Smiles and USO 9001.

The second edition of Inside Seaside will take place on 9-10 November at the AmberExpo halls in Gdańsk, where you can attend concerts and numerous accompanying events.

One-day tickets are on sale at prices:

299 PLN / 249 PLN* Regular Tickets – until 31 August
349 PLN / 299 PLN* Final Call Tickets – from 1 September until the festival


449 PLN / 399 PLN* Regular Tickets – up to 31 August
499 PLN / 449 PLN* Final Call Tickets – from 1 September to the festival

* tickets for Patrons of Radio 357


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