The Last Dinner Party added to Inside Seaside 24

Female rock band The Last Dinner Party joins the Inside Seaside lineup for their first concert in Poland. One-day tickets are on sale now!

Glam rock, inspired by gothic, smoky East London clubs and new wave. Full of diversity, a predatory sound and unique female power, The Last Dinner Party join the Inside Seaside 2024 line-up – this will be the group’s first performance in Poland!

The artists live and record in London, and their debut album ‘Prelude to Ecstasy ‘ – released in early February 2024 – is said to have opened a whole new chapter in indie rock history. The singles Nothing Matters“, “Sinner”, “My Lady of Mercy”, “On Your Side ” and “Caesar on a TV Screen “, which came from it, conquered the guitar charts worldwide, and the eyes of critics and the music industry were focused on them.

The Last Dinner Party has performed at major UK and European music festivals, such as Glastonbury and Latitude. In November, they will visit Poland for the first time, at Inside Seaside – their presence in the program of the Gdańsk festival will bring an original energy full of freshness and unusual sound. Finding artistry at the intersection of the beautiful, the sublime, and the grotesque, the band is inspired by Romantic poets and Gothic novelists.

The band’s concerts are almost spectacles, full of emotions, a musical journey, and unforgettable impressions. They are memorable for a long time and give the impression of participating in something, on the one hand, very personal and, on the other hand, strongly hedonistic. Baroque pop combined with a distinctive image and a fresh sound make the band spoken of in the context of a true rock revolution. The music press describes them as “a pendulum between the extremes of human emotion, from ecstasy and passion to the subtlety of pain”. We and the festival goers are waiting for this whole range of emotions!

The Last Dinner Party joins previously announced bands IDLESBlack Pumasi RY X.

From 16 April, one-day tickets go on sale at the following prices:

  • 299 PLN / 249 PLN* Regular Tickets – until 31 August
  • 349 PLN / 299 PLN* Final Call Tickets – from 1 September until the festival


  • 449 PLN / 399 PLN * Regular Tickets – up to 31 August
  • 499 PLN / 449 PLN * Final Call Tickets – from 1 September to the festival

* tickets for Patrons of Radio 357


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