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Inside Seaside announces a film programme, curated by Radio 357’s Katarzyna Borowiecka, with the Octopus Film Festival showing four music films in the Montownia spaces before the festival.

Inside Seaside Cinema’s proposal is to creatively respond to what festival attendees will see on the concert stages, so films will be presented that will be teeming with music, each in its own way. During the festival, they will be screened in the Cinema at AmberExpo.

– I am very happy that we will be pre-releasing Olga Chajdas’s new film ‘Imago’. It is set in the 1980s in the Tricity, largely in the local music community. The film’s soundtrack, contemporary but firmly immersed in the style of the 1980s, was composed by Andrzej Smolik,” explains Katarzyna Borowiecka. – “DK Welchman and Hugh Welchman’s The Peasants is a visually stunning animation based on the Nobel Prize-winning novel by Władysław Reymont. The film’s dense, rhythmic music, which weaves together tradition and the 21st century, was created by L.U.C. – Łukasz Rostkowski.

It is worth mentioning that ‘Imago’ was honoured with the Silver Lions at the just-concluded 48th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, and ‘Peasants’ is the Polish film submitted for an Oscar nomination. Individual awards were also presented to the lead actress, Lena Gora, and Andrzej Smolik, the author of the music. 

As part of the film part of Inside Seaside, there will be meetings with the authors of music for the films presented – L.U.C. and Andrzej Smolik will be guests of the festival.

Also enjoy documentary encounters with PJ Harvey in ‘PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money’ (dir. Seamus Murphy) and Frank Zappa (‘Zappa’, dir. Alex Winter). 

The day before, on 10 November, as a kind of pre-festival preview, we will see a selection of films, chosen by the Octopus Film Festival, in the industrial spaces of Foodhall Montownia.

– We wanted the film programme to be the most interesting mix of music and unruly genre cinema possible. On the first day of screenings, we will present four films that are as good to listen to as they are to watch,” says Grzegorz Fortuna, programme director of the festival.

Two of these represent regular series well known to Octopus audiences: VHS Hell (‘Metal Revenge’) and Midnight Movies (the legendary ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’). The other two, ‘Heavy Metal’ and ‘Rock & Rule’, are Octopus’ minicycle offering for Inside Seaside – feature-length animated films aimed at adult fans of the heavier sounds of the early 1980s.

Admission to films at AmberExpo only for persons holding passes and tickets for Inside Seaside. Admission to 
films in Foodhall Montownia for people with passes (after advance booking) or after purchasing tickets for individual screenings.

Start of sales and admission bookings for films at Foodhall Montownia: 9 October at 11am.


Those with passes – follow the instructions to book your passes!

  • Enter the first 14 digits of the barcode from your Pass in the promotion space
  • Confirm with the button: Use code
  • Book your ticket and finalise your order according to the instructions displayed on the website

Single tickets – cost: 15 zł / screening

The film zone partner is the exclusive distributor of ‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Birds and the Serpents‘ – the prequel to the ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy, based on the bestselling novel by Suzanne Collins. Deathly Hallows: The Ballad of the Birds and the Serpents is set several decades before the events we know from the previous films. The music is written by multiple Oscar nominee James Newton Howard and the soundtrack will be overflowing with stars.


Friday, 10 November / Foodhall Montownia + Octopus Film Festival

18.00 Heavy Metal, dir. Gerald Potterton (1981) 
20.00 Rock & Rule, dir. Clive A. Smith (1983) 
21.45 VHS Hell: Metal Revenge, dir. Charles Martin Smith (1986) 
23.30 The Rocky Horror Picture Show, dir. Jim Sharman (1975)

Saturday, 11 November / Cinema, AmberExpo

16.00 Peasants, dir. by DK Welchman, Hugh Welchman (2023) 
18.00 Imago, dir. by Olga Chajdas (2023)

Sunday, 12 November / Cinema, AmberExpo

16.00 PJ Harvey. A dog called money, dir. by Seamus Murphy (2019) 
18.00 Zappa, dir. by Alex Winter (2020)

The first edition of Inside Seaside, a new indoor festival in Poland, will feature performances by MILKY CHANCEGIRL IN REDNOTHING BUT THIEVESTOM ODELL and others – around 30 artists from Poland and around the world in total. 

detailed programme

Tickets: Eventim

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