Inside Seaside collaborates with Montownia

One of the festival’s three main halls will be filled by the Montownia FoodHall offeringand Montownia Lofts & Experience has prepared special accommodation packages for Inside Seaside attendees.

In addition to the music, on 11 and 12 November Inside Seaside will also take care of the food and leisure programme, which has been developed in collaboration with the Euro Styl Group and Montownia.

The history of the Montownia building, located on the former shipyard grounds in Gdańsk, dates back to the 1930s. During the Second World War, parts for submarines were assembled there, and during the People’s Republic of Poland it served as a warehouse for the Gdańsk Shipyard. At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, cultural events were held there, and now, with the development of the Young City area, the building has gained another life ora catering and leisure face.

Foodhall Montownia is a space with over 1,000 sqm of communal dining area, twenty restaurants with cuisine from all over the world, and a huge bar in the middle – thanks to its unusual location and rich offer, it is the most interesting foodhall in Poland. MONTOWNIA Lofts & Experience are unique, industrial-style loft flats of a higher standard with full hotel service. This is an excellent offer for singles, couples, but also larger groups of people who want to stay in a unique place in the centre of Gdańsk – up to 6 people will rest comfortably in the flats.

These two elements will come together at Inside Seaside. In the AmberExpo halls, between the Gdansk Stage and the Theatre Stage, the first mobile food court in Poland will appear – an unusual space where, throughout the festival, it will be possible to enjoy the gastronomic offer of a dozen establishments.

Attractions also await in the post-shipyard areas. On 10 November, the day before the start of the festival, we will be organising a before in FoodHall Montownia – we will announce what will happen soon.

In turn, MONTOWN Lofts&Experience has prepared a special accommodation offer for those who want to come to Inside Seaside. Festival attendees will be able to book accommodation packages for 2 and 4 people via the Eventim website.

Packages for two and four people can be booked on the Eventim website:

2-night package 
from 11 to 13 November for 2 people + 2 passes for Inside Seaside
Price: 1799 PLN / 1699 PLN (for Patrons of Radio 357)

4-person package 
Accommodation from 11 to 13 November for 4 people + 4 passes for Inside Seaside
Price: 3499 PLN / 3199 PLN (for Patrons of Radio 357)

All rooms are loft flats of a higher standard. The lofts range from 37 to 51 sqm, are 5 m high, have a fully equipped kitchenette and an additional bedroom mezzanine.

The first edition of Inside Seaside, a new indoor festival in Poland, will feature performances by MILKY CHANCEGIRL IN REDNOTHING BUT THIEVESTOM ODELL and others – around 30 artists from Poland and around the world in total. 

detailed programme

Tickets: Eventim

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