Inside Seaside cooperate with ERGO Hestia

ERGO Hestia is the title sponsor of Theatre Stage. Inside Seaside will feature the exhibition Asymmetry by Artystyczna Podróż Hestii. ERGO Hestia also invites you to a discussion with one of the winners of Literacka Podróż Hestii.

The first edition of Inside Seaside, a new indoor festival in Poland, will also feature performances by MILKY CHANCE, GIRL IN RED, NOTHING BUT THIEVES, TOM ODELL and others. In total, around 30 artists from Poland and around the world will be heard. In collaboration with ERGO Hestia, the festival also invites you to the exhibition Asymmetry by Artistic Journey and a discussion on literature.

ERGO Hestia has become the title sponsor of Theatre Stage. This is the stage where NILS FRAHM, representative of an unconventional approach to ambient music, the SHAME group, uncompromising representatives of the British post-punk scene, and BARTEK WĄSIK, who will perform songs by the cult band Radiohead, will play.

ERGO Hestia will also take care of the programme of the visual part at the festival. The specially adapted halls of AmberExpo will host the exhibition Asymmetry by Artystyczna Podróż. This is an initiative organised under the auspices of ERGO Hestia and the Artystyczna Podróż Hestii Foundation, which promotes artists in their natural element – the Internet. The idea behind the competition is to bring virtual creativity to the most real walls of Polish art galleries.

This year’s edition is devoted to the theme of asymmetry, understood not only as a property of objects and events, but as a concept that can be interpreted in a visual way. From several hundred submissions, the jury selected 31 works to be presented during the Inside Seaside Festival.

– Until now, we have actively supported primarily writers and visual artists. Now the time has come for music,” emphasises Maria Rosa, President of the Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation and Director of Marketing and PR at ERGO Hestia. – ‘We want to be close to home artists, which is why we are happy that, despite the international character of the festival, we will also hear a lot of Polish bands. Including those that are firmly rooted in the Tricity music scene.

ERGO Hestia also invites you to a discussion on literature – its guest will be one of the winners of Hestia’s Literary Journey. This is a competition organised since 2021 by the Artistic Journey of Hestia Foundation in partnership with the Wisława Szymborska Foundation. Its aim is to honour authors and writers of classic forms: novels, graphic novels and short stories, written for young male and female readers. The jury selects titles that are likely to remain for a long time in the canon of children’s and young people’s literature. The sponsor of the prize for the winner is ERGO Hestia.

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