Wojtek Mazolewski plays Yugen 2

Yugen 2 is the follow-up to the solo album by Wojtek Mazolewski, instrumentalist, composer, author of music for audiobooks, theatre performances and films, co-creator of Polish yass, author of radio programmes.

Yugen is a journey within oneself and a connection to natural energy. An organic musical complement to what is bio, organic and spiritual. It’s a trip to a place where you just are… You close your eyes, listen, breathe, flow… It’s a breath of freedom.

The sounds of the 1960s/’70s and a return to tradition in the style of the Grateful Dead, Neil Young or Led Zeppelin are crossed here with modern sounds in the style of Tame Impala, Khruangbin or Drugdealer. The whole project is enriched with jazz accents and a contemporary production by Marcin Bors, responsible for the sound of albums by Hej, Pogodno or Mroz.

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