Milky Chance

Milky Chance has been on a roll ever since the release of their hit song ‘Stolen Dance’. The song topped the charts in more than a dozen countries and, to date, has more than two billion plays on streaming services.

The group has released three studio albums, played at some of the biggest festivals in the world, and has since cumulatively amassed over five billion listens on streaming services. In 2023, the German duo returned with a new fourth album, ‘Living in a Haze’!

As Phillipp Dausch, the band’s bassist and drummer, tells us: “We always try to surprise ourselves in the studio. You can have a fairly clear vision of what you want to create, but we’ve spent much more time at home over the last few years, and taking a break has helped us look at our work with fresh eyes.” You can listen to the latest material at the concert in Gdansk – don’t miss it!

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