Kury grają P.O.L.O.V.I.R.U.S.

“It was supposed to be the dumbest album in the world, but it inadvertently became a generational album” – this is how Tymon Tymański describes the album “P.O.L.O.V. I.R.U.S.”. Tymon Tymański, one of the founders of the band Kury, says.

The group’s second album was released on Biodro Records, received six 1998 Fryderyk Award nominations, was awarded Best Alternative Album of the Year, and was unavailable for a quarter of a century due to out-of-print…

… but on 29 June 2023, “P.O.L.O.V. I.R.U.S.” has once again seen the light of day (and night)! The album is now available on streaming services and released in a refreshed, remastered version by the S7 label. Listen along with us!

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