Kaśka Sochacka

Kaśka Sochacka is a petite blonde with a rigid backbone and a low, hoarse voice.

She comes from the Prairies. Like most girls born in the 90s, she has been singing since childhood. “Cherry EP” is Kaśka’s debut E.P., released on Jazzboy Records. Her sound is sophisticated pop with a touch of urban folk and alternative music—a perfectly sung album with original songs that stay long.

In 2021, Kaśka won the Sanki poll by Gazeta Wyborcza for the most interesting new faces in Polish music. A year later, she won O! Lśnienie in a referendum organized by Onet and the City of Krakow and a Fryderyk in the Phonographic Debut of the Year and Indie Pop Album of the Year categories. In 2023, she received another Fryderyk for Best New Performance.

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