Ezra Collective

‘Where I’m Meant To Be’, the latest album from the revelation of the British jazz scene, Ezra Collective, is a pulsating celebration of life. The songs combine tremendous confidence with bright energy. The album is a natural extension of years of improvising together on stage.

The group initially came together in 2012 as teenagers in the Tomorrow’s Warriors youth band, a music education initiative at the South Bank Centre in London. Since then, they have created a new phase in their city’s musical journey, a hybrid time where black genres – jazz, grime, afrobeat, and more – can blend seamlessly in various ways.

With sold-out spring and summer shows and the long-awaited support of significant label Partisan Records, the excitement of Ezra Collective’s music is reaching a fever pitch.
In Gdansk, their concert will close on the first day of Inside Seaside.

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