Bartek Wąsik plays Radiohead

Bartek Wąsik is a pianist, composer, and arranger, winner of many national and international competitions, the Fryderyk Phonographic Award, and the 2014 ‘Polityka Passport.

He has performed in Europe, Asia, and the Americas: at Carnegie Hall and the Chicago Symphony Hall, he presented his arrangements of works by Fryderyk Chopin. His project New Warsaw (together with Stanisława Celińska and the Royal String Quartet) was honored with the Guarantee of Culture and Inspiration.

“Daydreamer” features twelve original arrangements of Radiohead songs for solo piano, which create a fresco full of meaning and color.

This is a very personal musical statement from Bartek – as he confesses, the English group’s songs have accompanied him in essential life situations over the years. “They are the fertile soil from which my sensibility draws,” he stresses, “they put me in a light vibration. They don’t give me peace. They open up a world of associations that I wanted to share.”

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