The Last Dinner Party

Glam rock, gothic, smoky East London clubs and new wave. Full of diversity, a scratchy sound and unique female power, The Last Dinner Party join the Inside Seaside 2024 line-up – this will be the group’s first performance in Poland!

The artists live and record in London, and about their debut album “Prelude to Ecstasy” – released in early February 2024 – is said to have opened a whole new chapter in indie rock history. The singles “Nothing Matters”, “Sinner”, “My Lady of Mercy”, “On Your Side” and “Caesar on a TV Screen” from it conquered the guitar charts all over the world, and the eyes of critics and the music industry focused on them.

The band’s concerts are almost spectacles; full of emotions, a musical journey and unforgettable impressions. They are memorable for a long time and give the impression of participating in something on the one hand very personal and on the other hand strongly hedonistic. Baroque pop combined with a distinctive image and a fresh sound make the band spoken of in the context of a true rock revolution. The music press describes them as “a pendulum between the extremes of human emotion, from ecstasy and passion to the subtlety of pain”.

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