Artur Rojek

Artur Rojek is one of the most recognizable figures in Polish music. Known for his work with the band Myslovitz, now performing solo for many years, with lyrics and melodies to convey extraordinarily the personal themes that many of us experience. His albums such as ‘Składam się z ciągłych powtórzeń’ and ‘Kundel’ have been very well received by the public, but also by the industry, as evidenced by the numerous nominations and Fryderyk awards. The song ‘Syreny’ has been listened to more than 17 million times on YouTube, or ‘Bez końca’, which showed a different Rojek, and the video showed us someone who gently breaks away from his nostalgic image. He has also successfully collaborated with other artists, including Andrzej Smolik, Sanah, and Taco Hemingway.

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